Our Story

Campsie Fest is a unique inter-generational and intercultural arts and music festival, based in Milton of Campsie, a village in the north of Glasgow. The festival aims to promote cultural activities for all ages, operating under Milton of Campsie Village Hall Trust, as the Village Hall was the place that this festival was born.

Campsie Fest’s story dates back to more than a decade ago. The local council decided to shut down the Hall and put it on sale but our community united against this decision, fought and reclaimed it back. As a result of this, a bi-annual festival was established to cherish music and celebrate the arts and thus, encouraging our community to express their creativity and unlock their talents.

Campsie Fest takes place twice a year with our Campsie Mayfest being held in the third week of May and our St. Andrews Fest being held in the last weekend of November.

The festival features a wide range of live performances and other events such as ceilidhs (with the Campsie Ceilidh Band), concerts (featuring many amazing folk, classical, jazz and pop groups), art exhibitions (with artworks from Milton of Campsie Art Club), Children’s art workshops (with local artist Derek Gray) and our Campsie Mayfest Young Performers Concert (with performances from our very talented local young people).