Photography Exhibition

Welcome to the Virtual St. Andrew's Fest!

50+ Photography Exhibition

50+ photos from an international team of creatives, participants of the project
A virtual creative photography class for 50+ 
organized by Campsie Fest.

Tutor: Sotiris Zafeiris

Few words about 50+

50+ is a digital exhibition of participants’ most intriguing images, the byproduct of 10 webinar lessons, that introduced participants to photography history, theory and language, through a series of photography learning exercises. Part of this process was the discussion of the selected exercise photos from the participants.

This process allowed us to explore the ways that the creative process of photography works in a digital learning environment. My aim as a teacher, was to let participants re-discover their talent in photography, by encouraging them to act as curious children while  taking photos, in order to start understanding their own way of looking and creating, and I think we managed to achieve this goal.

 Congratulations to all participants and a warm thanks to Campsie Fest Organizing Team, for enabling this possibility”

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Angela Oakley

My full name is Angela Oakley and I live in Milton of Campsie, Scotland. I joined the class to learn more about photography. I like to take photos on my ventures in the Great Outdoors and have become interested in the ethics of photography.

Crystal Fernquist

I have been a nurse, teacher and an air hostess. I have seen the world and wanted to learn how to take creative and interesting photos, not just snap shots. I found this photography class with Campsie and Sotiris very educational and enlightening. The class not only helped me to take better photos but also expanded our horizons. We were introduced to historical photographers and various genres.

Elsa Dalgetty

Elsa was born and raised in Αthens, Greece. She came to the UK to study Fashion Design, worked as Chief Designer in London and now lives and works in Bonnie Scotland. The past few weeks she has realised she has a secret passion for photography, not unlike Vivian Maier’s for purely personal pleasure. She has thousands of photos from various corners of the world. She almost never uses a camera as she finds she can be more spontaneous using her phone.

Υou can find more about her work here.

Gill Adams

Mark Brueckman

Mark Brueckman is a self-taught photographer who has lived in Alameda, San Francisco, New Orleans and Buffalo. He is especially interested in candid and spontaneous images of people and their everyday situations – working, playing, foraging and just being.

Sarah Thurlbeck

I am a retired primary school teacher . I love being in the outdoors and photographing wildlife and nature. This Springtime I wrote a blog to accompany local wildlife sightings. You can view the blog here.

Sotiris Zafeiris
Photography tutor

My view as a photographer

As an artist using the medium of photography to express myself my views are: I am particularly concerned on the photographic elements such as light, time, forms and content and the transformation of all these in a new whole that goes beyond “reality”. With influences from photographic Masters of the past such as Eugene Atget, Garry Winogrand, August Sander, Walker Evans and others as well as from Eastern Mysticism every image comes from a particular feeling being in a “trance” or a creative joy beyond words. My photographs are a personal comment on what is happening around us and it is not visible through our senses but it can be experienced through feelings.

Few words about me

I finished my BA studies on artistic photography in 2001, at the Photography Department of Technical University of Athens. During my studies, I started working  as a photographer artist in residence for various council projects, as well as photography teacher, organizing photography events and exhibitions. Late 2001, I relocated to the UK-London, where during 2003, I formed my own company of multimedia and 360VR photography with the name IMMERSIVE360. I was the Creative Director and main photographer of the company creating 2d panoramic images and 360VR panoramas for corporate use. With Immersive360 I have done many photography projects such as Thames Luxury Charters, Design Museum, London Fashion Show, Capio Private Hospitals, Rocco Forte and Royal Garden Hotels and others. We also won the Award of the Innovative Business of the year of 2006. In 2006, I was a finalist for the Cannes Sony Photographic Awards. After Immersive360, I relocated to Fuerteventura-Canary Islands where  I worked as the Creative Director of La Isla Tranquila, a visual multimedia travel and business guide for the Island of Fuerteventura, whereas I was responsible for magazine’s design and visual content. In addition to that, I have experience as events photographer for various local events and traditional festivities, working on a freelance basis for sports events, architecture, portraiture, editorial and advertising photography. After my return to Athens, I work as a freelance photographer for Greek advertising companies and magazines .

I have participated in various solo and group exhibitions in UK and Athens, with most memorable the Benaki Museum in Athens. My photographs have been published and featured in Sunday Times, Photographos magazine, Views and Aspects photography book, Form and Design photobook, National Geographic for Greece etc.

Υou can find more about my work here.