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Campsie Mayfest 2023

Attention! Attention!

Ladies, gentlemen and kids, Campsie Mayfest 2023 is coming!

When: Saturday 13th- Sunday 14th of May

Where: Milton of Campsie, Village Hall Trust, G66 8DD

Campsie Fest news

Epic Awards 2020

We’re thrilled to announce that Campsie Fest is one of the 29 groups that has been shortlisted for a People’s Choice Award at the Epic Awards 2020.

The Epic Awards celebrate creative groups and projects from across the UK & Ireland and Campsie Fest is honoured to be in such great company.

Find out about all of the shortlisted groups here:

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A big thank you from everyone at the Campsie Fest Team for your continued support! ✨ #epicawards2020

Campsie Fest news

Reporting On Our Virtual Campsie Mayfest 2020

The live Campsie MAYFEST was due to kick off on 18th May in Milton of Campsie Village Hall.

With the covid-19 lock-down, we thought that was the end of it!  However, not so!  

Thanks to three enterprising young women(Tiffany Yue, Rhona Boyle and Helen Kepelian) who comprise our Social Media team within the Campsie Festivals Organization, we have a Virtual Campsie MAYFEST20 with ALL events represented and illustrated. It’s a great series of videos and pictures.

The Virtual Campsie MAYFEST of Music and Art is on the Campsie Fest Facebook and Twitter pages. See and

If you don’t have these social media, then just Google Campsie Fest and click Campsie Fest Facebook home, but don’t join – click ‘not now’. Soon the whole show will be available via our new website,

You can see a fantastic show with a virtual Campsie Countryside Walk,plus ‘capture this’ photo challenge’, a virtual Art Exhibition and Children’s Art Workshop with a professional caricaturist, virtual Concerts of Jazz, Classical chamber music, previous footage of Campsie Ceilidh Band and Campsie Scottish Folk Players and a terrific Young Performers’ Concert.

The videos and pictures of our Campsie countryside walks is posted, plus great scenes from previous MAYFESTS. Images from different areas around the village, encourage people to walk here. Many local people have sent in their own photos of the locality. Many thanks to Rhona Boyle for setting this up.

The virtual art exhibition includes original artworks by local artists. 

It contains more than 60 fine paintings by seven talented local artists and already there has been a sale! Thanks to Sieglinde Bucher and Tiffany Yue.

A video of a children’s art workshop with professional artist, Derek Gray, is posted – It’s a great new video on how to make a comic strip! Children love it. Many children send in their own artwork for posting on Facebook and Twitter. 

Virtual concerts involve those who were booked for the live event – the Allander Jazz Band, the Milngavie Chamber Strings. Also Campsie Ceilidh Band and Campsie Scottish Folk Players play. They perform in videos etc. (some from previous MAYFESTS).

Finally a virtual concert by young folk includes eight short videos of superb local young talent!  Performances are mainly of music on instruments and voice. You will see and hear saxes, drums, violin, flute and vocals. These form a great ‘virtual concert’.

Now we start thinking about our St Andrew’s Fest at the very end of November. We’ll not be beaten by the bug!

Past events

Campsie Mayfest 2020 Goes Virtual!

This May, we’re coming together, to celebrate collective creativity and cherish the spirit of resilience, as our wee beloved local festival visits us at home, thanks to technology!

We invite you to join us, for a May full of fresh talent, music and events including:

– A virtual young performers concert
– A children’s art workshop with Milton of Campsie artist Derek Gray
– A virtual Countryside Walk and photograph challenge
– A virtual art exhibition featuring work from local artists
– Virtual concerts

All virtually hosted on the Campsie Fest Facebook and Twitter pages from the 13th – 31st May 2020.

More information regarding each event will be posted in the coming days.

We can’t wait for everyone to get involved!

The Campsie Mayfest Social Media and Communications Team